Would you be surprised to know how many ladies book coach trips with us for one?  The majority.

But here’s the thing ladies!  As soon as you join Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group, you are no longer doing anything for one.

Members are accompanied on all trips and events.  Whether that is a wine and dine event.  Comedy Night.  Theatre Night.  Music Concert.  Art Exhibition.  Museum Visits.  Culture Calendar Members have the company when they want it.

Meanwhile, take a look at just some of the reviews and testimonials todate.

It makes us very proud indeed.  Long may it continue we say!




I’ve never been out so much as I have in the last 6 months. I’m having the time of my life! Thank you Catherine! X

D Matheson

I’ve definitely benefited from being a member, the shows I’ve booked & discounts for being a member has outweighed my subscription.

J Matheson

I'm having the time of my life.

S Dean

My first event with Culture Calendar too, was a fab night! Met some lovely ladies, terrifica food and dancing. Look forward to the next event.

S Cambridge

This was my first event with Culture Calendar. I had an amazing fun night with lovely people. Looking forward to next one!

L Thorpe

You always look so happy. Always smiling. Enjoy your new friends. New places you visit. New adventures, and lovely memories to keep.

D Matheson

I cant wait for your next planned trip. It has made me realise how good your price is, Not only the ticket, but the coach there and back. A few hours to shop or dine too.

G Ranford

Brilliant idea. Transport and tickets. No need to worry about parking etc., You are such a lovely lady. I love this concept. A great way to access The Arts.


I don’t really comment on posts much, but I want you to know how you have helped me, and not known it. So absolutely appreciated.

Hurlston Hall

If you are looking to join Culture and trips with like minded people, contact the lovely Catherine. Lots of events coming up that you can get involved in and enjoy.

H S Neary

I would recommend this group to any of my friends who want to expand their social circle. Cant wait to meet up with everyone again.

C Carmichael

Having benefitted from many organised trips, I am looking forward to our next trip, to enjoy some quality time, fun and welcome return to Culture.

K Green

Guaranteed a good night out when Catherine organises it. Looking forward to more.

J A Hill

Always thinking of others, Catherine is a lovely kind hearted lady. her events are a fantastic adventure.

C McPoland

Catherine is very well organised. Culture Calendar events are Highly Recommended.

A Kelbie

Catherine pays attention to every little detail and ensures that everyone feels welcome and at ease.

G Olliver

Your group has meant that I have found new friends and interests on my doorstep, and the opportunity to relax with like minded people.


Many social outings later have proved you have integrity, and I look forward to many more good times.

S Cambridge

I fully appreciate the time and effort that you put in organising all events for Culture Calendar. I enjoy watching your video’s, and am very happy to join Culture Calendar.

M Davies

I have found Catherine to be tremendously professional, trustworthy, & reliable. Events are well attended and cater for all interests.