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My name is Catherine, the founder of Culture Calendar.

Culture Calendar started in 2013, and as someone who sleeps and breathes Theatre, Musicals, Music Concerts, Cabaret, Comedy and more, I was on a mission to connect with a vibrant community of local like minded women in West Lancashire and Merseyside.    As I couldn’t find one – I created one!

My love of History and Heritage in the North West of England and beyond, has taken my passion for lavish coach trips to Theatre, all stage performances, National Theatre Live, Music by Candlelight, Murder Mystery Wine and Dine, our favourite musicals, and all live performances in general.  Culture Calendar continue to bring epic adventures to a whole new social level. 

We started as just three, but today Culture Calendar is a thriving community of enthusiastic female members who love Musical Theatre, History, Heritage, Performing Arts and Culture.

Join Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group today and become part of the picture, as someone who feels fulfilled, welcomed, accepted, and engaged, with a variety of days and nights to Theatre Coach Trips and events. 

Elevate Your Live Entertainment Experience with Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group.

Embark on a coach journey to live entertainment in historic venues, see your favourite shows with friends, an award winning stage play, or an afternoon tea experience so lavish that you feel indulged beyond words.

Experience the best of the North of England, the United Kingdom and beyond for high value live entertainment packages to Theatre, Comedy, Music Concerts, Ballet, and some of the best theatre tickets in the house.   On occasion, we even include an overnight stay at a historic venue that oozes charm and character!

At Culture Calendar, we’re all about creating a warm and welcoming haven for Theatre lovers to build and connect life long friendships, whilst travelling to their favourite shows and live performances in different UK towns and cities.

Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group gives you exclusive entry to a world of fun, laughter, diversity, and unforgettable luxury coach trips and events to live entertainment.

Don’t just take our word for it.   Check out some of the rave reviews that we have received from Culture Calendar Members, and others joining Culture Calendar Coach Trips.

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Are you ready to Step into the Frame?

Imagine a day where all your stresses melt away, and every detail of your day has been meticulously organized just for you. Sounds dreamy, right?

At Culture Calendar, we specialize in turning your daydreams into reality. So just sit back, relax, and let us handle all the details.

Culture Calendar is more than event planning at its best!  We provide more than a coach trip.  We’re not a one size fits all, and there is no brochure to be had!  Culture Calendar tailor make theatre breaks in the UK and bring every opportunity for women to get social before even embarking on a coach trip. 

Find memories with luxury organized coach trips to Theatre, Ballet, Music Concerts, Wining and Dining and Entertainment Galore.

But that’s not all!  Culture Calendar Womens Social Group has your taste buds covered too!

Savor delicious dining experiences, regular cheese and wine evenings, and toast to top restaurants.  Have your say in Culture Calendar Facebook Group Chat today!

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