“Just for you”

Tailormade Tourism & Culture Packages


You’re in the process of booking an easily accessible coastal stay in Southport, and already wishing you had more time during your stay!


I know …. we hear this a lot!


But did you know that Culture Calendar provide organized coach trips and tailormade cultural trips and events throughout the year?


So, whether you would love to see Hamilton, The Musical in Manchester, or The Wizard of Oz in Liverpool, the key to success is always in the planning, as Culture Calendar availability gets booked up fast!


Yes, Culture Calendar can tailormake a trip or event during peak season (with sufficient notice), but Southport is already a perfect holiday destination during off peak season too!


You will likely secure a great Southport Hotel Accommodation room rate during Autumn and Winter season too!


Would you love to join The Hans Zimmer Classical Music Concert with hospitality package and luxury return coach ?  Culture Calendar are booked!


Performing Arts and Cultural Trips and Events are at the heart of everything we do.  Whether you and your party are visiting Southport and the Merseyside Region for a summer retreat, Autumn break, or wish to visit The Christmas Markets … Get in touch with Culture Calendar today, and let us see how we can help make your trip to Southport, and the Merseyside Region a more memorable one!


“Just for you” Tailormade Cultural Packages start with either a 7 seater luxury transport or 16.


So book early, and team your staycation to Southport with a fabulous Culture Calendar Organized Coach Trip or “Just for you” Tailormade Cultural Package to Performing Arts and Culture.


The key to organizing a great experience for our guests visiting Southport and The Merseyside City Region is in the planning, and it is the only way to secure the best availability when securing events.


Culture Calendar Travel accept bookings on a pre-paid basis upto 12 months in advance of your trip.   We’re not going until we’re booked!   All of the details of your trip will be confirmed to you within a ten working day period.


Culture Calendar make visiting towns and cities for Performing Arts and Culture accessible.  That’s “Entertainment Made Easy”

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