What would you do ?

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It took me years of indecision to make this move. It was helped by a kick in the pants, and site closure which came after the announcement of Brexit.

I shared some of my time with others that questioned what I was doing. I was influenced by their “why bother” attitude. I lived alone. I have been my own financial and emotional support bubble for many years before Covid 19 struck.

Culture Calendar was a risk. It has, and continues to be a lot of hard work. Very long hours, but a lot of enjoyment.

One of my biggest rewards is seeing people that have never met making friends. Swapping numbers. Making arrangements. Being out with Culture Calendar, and having a thoroughly wonderful time.

So many times I have received messages of thanks, some of which you will see in Culture Calendar Testimonials on Culture Calendar Facebook Page.

This makes me very proud of what I have been able to achieve in bringing Culture Calendar to life!

Which leaves me with nothing more to add except …

“A very warm welcome to you all from Culture Calendar. I am so very glad you could make it”.