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Culture Calendar celebrate Chinese New Year with friends in Ormskirk.

Unfortunately, with so much going on, we sometimes miss the opportunity to grab a good photographic opportunity. But not on this night!

Our lovely ladies shown in this pic may not have been born in the year of the Tiger, but are most definitely strong, courageous, and it has to be said energetic when it comes to shaking those moves on the dance floor, and truly up for a great night out!

Thank you so much to to this fabulous local Chinese Restaurant in Ormskirk, The Peacock where the food and service is consistently good no matter when you visit.

On this occasion, The Peacock Restaurant had organized a karaoke night unbeknown to us at the time of booking, but it turned out to be no bad thing, as part of Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group ended up being the entertainment for the evening … dancing and singing, but also winning the karaoke competition. You had to be there folks!

Whilst the table booking was made well in advance, the entertainment was very impromptu and the best fun. We will never forget it for being anything other than another fantastic night out!

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