Frequently Asked Questions

Culture Calendar FAQs

Embark on a journey of joy and connection by joining Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group

for Performing Arts and Cultural Coach trips.

Experience the countless benefits of laughter, friendship, and cultural enrichment as you explore

a diverse range of events handpicked and voted for by you.

If you have any questions, or want to have a chat before joining us, please get in touch.

What can I book as a Non-Member?

Go to the drop down on the “Event” section of our Website.   Select the Non-Member tab.   If you can see it, you can book it.

Culture Calendar is a women’s social group, but very occasionally, there will be an option for Culture Calendar Platinum Members to invite a plus one, and or occasionally children over the age of 12 years may be able to join a coach trip.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or family member.

Culture Calendar Members receive prior notification and booking on all events, and these events are not visible to non-members.

If / when we have any remaining availability, we may open an event to non-members.  At that point, non members will be able to see the event, and will be able to book. But best be quick!  Availability flies out fast!

How far in advance do I need to book a Culture Calendar Coach Trip

Many Culture Calendar Coach Trips need to be paid upto 16 – 20 weeks in advance, because we secure the best possible ticket availability, and we’re not going until we’re paid for, in full.

For celebrated touring West End Performances, often Culture Calendar pay upto 7 months in advance to ensure we secure the best possible Theatre seats.

Other organized coach trips, ie., Music Concert seats need to be prepaid in full immediately to secure the best availability.   Culture Calendar then finalize the coach size, and confirm any set dining options offered to Gold and Platinum Members.   

How do I book a Culture Calendar Coach Trip?

Simply enter into your web browser, or click on the blue link shown above.

To join Member Events, you need to subscribe to join Culture Calendar Women’s Social Club.  When you log into the website, all events that are available for your subscription will appear for booking.  There are three Membership options to choose from.  Silver. Gold and Platinum.

If you are joining us as a Non-Member, go to the “Events” tab at the top of Culture Calendar Home Page.  Scroll down to the Non-Member Tab to view any coach trips that are available for booking.

Click on the button that says “Register for Event”. Select the number of tickets / seats you would like to book, and you will be taken to a page where you enter your personal booking details.

Upon completing your booking, you will receive an order acknowledgement via email.

You will receive a follow up communication approximately one week before the event confirming your coach pick up point and time.

What happens if Im late for the coach?

Culture Calendar work to a very tight schedule, and a delay at one stop impacts the next, and ultimately our arrival time at our destination, which is usually to see some form of entertainment or stage performance.

If you miss the coach, Culture Calendar are unable to refund the cost of your trip.  If you are late in rejoining your party at the venue before the performance, your host will leave your ticket at The Box Office for you to collect.  You can then rejoin your party inside the venue.

Its worth noting that not all venues will allow you to rejoin your party if there is any possibility that it will disrupt the performance.   It’s worth noting that for Theatre performances, we only ever secure the best Theatre Tickets in the Stalls area).   Therefore, if you’re running late, some Theatres may seat you in the rear of the auditorium or venue until the performance ends, or until the performance interval.

Why do Culture Calendar always book Theatre Stalls Seats?

Culture Calendar always book Theatre Stalls seats because we believe them to be the best.

We also believe Theatre Stalls Seats to be the safest, as there is usually much less of an incline – decline in the auditorium.  There are also fewer stairs.  Peoples mobility can also vary, and we feel that accessibility is key.


I work on the weekends. Does Culture Calendar offer mid week coach trips and events too?

Yes, we do offer mid week trips and events.  We will likely offer more mid week coach trips in the coming months too, as Culture Calendar weekend trips become so busy.

I understand that Members Wine and Dine Events are a set menu, but what if I don't like the menu?

Dining options are open to Gold and Platinum Members.

When venues are catering for large parties it is difficult to accommodate specific requests, but there will always be a main option and a vegetarian option.

Please enquire before making your booking.

Can children join Culture Calendar Trips and Events?

Yes, there will definitely be occasions when Children can join Culture Calendar Coach Trips and Events, and we will be sure to highlight this availability to Culture Calendar Members first and foremost.

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.  Often the venue will specify an age range, but please get in touch before booking.

Can we join Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group please🤣?

Culture Calendar core business is a subscription based ladies social group, providing organized coach trips to Performing Arts and Culture.

However, new in 2024, Platinum Members will have the opportunity to invite their partners, +1 or a friend to “specific” events.  Look out for the Platinum Sticker in the top right of our events which you will see when you log into the Member Section of Culture Calendar Website.

You will also see Stickers on each event on Culture Calendar UK Facebook Page, and our Exclusive Member Only Facebook Group Page.

Please consider joining Culture Calendar Newsletter so that we can keep you informed. If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to get in touch by calling 07725 745 493.  You can also reach us via Facebook & Instagram Messenger.

I would love to book every Culture Calendar coach trip, and just wondered whether you accept part payment for events?

Unfortunately, our suppliers do not offer part payment to Culture Calendar.  We’re not going until we’re booked and pre-paid in full.

In all cases, Culture Calendar Coach Trips and Events are not firm until they have been pre-paid in full.  The timing for securing the best coach availability is also key.

Do Culture Calendar provide organized coach trips for disabled people ?

Unfortunately, this is not something that we can offer at the moment.

We have investigated a bespoke transport.  The number of people it could carry.  Professional carers to accompany the trip, and also the limited accessibility of some of the venues for short mid week trips.

For the enquiries that we have received to date, it does not appear to be a viable option, but we are hopeful this may change at some point in the future.

If and when it does, we will certainly be vocal about announcing this on our social media channels. 

Do Culture Calendar plan to expand on their coach pick up points in the near future?

We certainly do!

Demand can vary depending on the event and location, but yes.  The plan is for Culture Calendar to grow the number of coach pick up points beyond Southport, Ormskirk, Maghull and possibly Skelmersdale.

But did you know that where we have a large party, its worth getting in touch with us to find out where you nearest pick up point may be.

Also, if you have a specific request, get in touch with us to find out whether we can organize entertainment and a coach trip for you and your works party. 

Does Culture Calendar Travel offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes.  We do.   The recipient would be able to book an event within a 3 month period of the date on the voucher.  We offer vouchers to the value of £50, £75, £100 & £150.00.

The Voucher holder would be able to book a Silver or Gold Event.

Any remaining balance due on the trip would need to be paid in full by the cut off date for the non-member event they were most interested in joining.

Tell me more about Priority Notification & Booking please?

Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group offers organized coach trips to Performing Arts and Culture.  This is a women’s private subscription based group, which offers local social get togethers plus  organized coach trips to Performing Arts and Culture.

Priority notification and booking goes to Members first and foremost, and our e-newsletter is growing all the time.

When we sell a coach trip to capacity, there is no remaining availability for non-members to join coach Trips I’m afraid.

If, we wish to work to a specific coach size, we may offer any remaining availability to non-members by moving the event to the Non-Member section, under the “Events” tab, which can be found at the top of the page on Culture Calendar Home Page.  You will need to be quick though, numbers will be very limited.

I have already enjoyed some great trips with Culture Calendar. Where is best to leave a 5 star review?

Thank you very much.  We love to hear that.  You can leave a 5 star review on our Google Page, Culture Calendar Facebook Page, or Trip Advisor.  You just need to log into the relevant platform to leave your review.  Thank you.

How do I join Culture Calendar Hospitality Trips and Events?

Culture Calendar reserve hospitality packages for Platinum Members only.

Subscribe to Culture Calendar Newsletter today, or become a Culture Calendar Member.   You have three options to choose from:   Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Check the benefits before joining us by going to the “Join Now” tab at the top of the page.

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Im really interested in joining you, but I'm concerned that I will be on my own because Im booking for one?

A Culture Calendar Member will never be on their own unless they want to be.  Infact, you will be saying to yourself “Who new becoming a member and booking for one would be this much fun”?

In joining Culture Calendar Performing Arts and Culture Coach Trips, you will quickly make friends with other local like minded ladies by attending the regular get togethers.  A comedy night, joining Culture Calendar women’s social group for dinner and drinks, or a cheese and wine evening!

If you would prefer to speak with an existing Culture Calendar Member before subscribing, simply give us a call on 07725 745 493, and we will pass your details on.  But first, we will confirm who will be calling you and when. You can make your decision from there.

Culture Calendar Limited has come recommended as a business that can organize private coach trips or day tours for small coach parties?

  Yes, we can definitely help you with this.

The key to success is always in the planning, and we would need as much notice as possible to provide the best packages for you and your party.

Please feel free to get in touch by giving us a call on 07725 745 493, or email [email protected].   We would ask you a whole host of questions about the date, and you and your party.

We would then send an invoice for £200.00 and come up with a tailormade package based on your brief.  Confirmation email would follow within 5 working days, with suggestions and recommendations and cost per head.

We could discuss further from there.

Does a Culture Calendar Host accompany every trip and event?

In most cases we do*.    Your Host will be able to answer any questions that you may have on the day, and ensure that Members are where the are meant to be and when.

Non-Members joining a trip will often have upto 3 hours leisure to spend as they please, and simply rejoin their party at the venue before the event.  Enjoying upto three hours leisure to spend as you please is also a Silver Membership benefit.

Your Culture Calendar Host will retain all tickets for an event until we are entering the venue.  If there are any set backs, your host will not only have paper copies of admission, and numbers, but also confirmation of the booking on their mobile phone.

* There is a possibility that going forward, Culture Calendar will introduce short mid-week trips, for which your coach driver will have your name, number, and pick up point.  These trips will run straight to and from an event, and will last approximately 4-5 hours from first pick up point to last drop off.

My partner loves the look of your trips. If I become a Member can he join some Culture Calendar Coach trips with me?

Culture Calendar is a subscription based womens social group first and foremost, and many events are Members Exclusive.

However, in 2024, we will open up “specific” Platinum Events, so that Platinum Members can invite a partner, +1 or friend occasionally, male or female.

You will need to be quick however, because in opening up a Platinum Event to +1, we immediately half the coach availability and booking availability.

Culture Calendar finalize and pay for every event in full before each event – so don’t delay!  Become a Culture Calendar Member and turn a limited social life to limitless!   

From enchanting music by candlelight featuring Coldplay hits, and dazzling performances

from Strictly Come Dancing and Riverdance.

From the iconic London Palladium Days to electrifying tribute acts.

Create lasting friendships with local likeminded ladies in your community, and

let the power of the arts lift your spirits to new heights.

Culture Calendar is not only Entertainment Made Easy.

The friendship and camaraderie enriches lives!

Join us!