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Everything you need to know about Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group

Ladies, when you join Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group, you stop being a passenger and become a decision maker!

Members join Gold Card to Culture Private Facebook Group, and vote on the trips they want to take.

Where we have demand, we will run the coach trip!   It’s that simple.

Hospitality packages?  No problem.

Waiter only Service We’ve got you covered!

Race Days, Castle Stays, and indulged beyond words?  Hello and Welcome!

As for VIP Events?   Are you Red Carpet Ready Ladies?

For our Famous Black Tie Ball, dress to impress now, and shine bright like the diamond you are.

Be sure to join the local socials…..  make new friends in your community, and get ready to live your best life now!


If you prefer to have a chat before joining us, please get in touch.

Choose Culture Calendar because we tailor make events
Culture Calendar bespoke tailor made trips and events sets us apart!

Bespoke Tailor Made Trips and Events

At Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group, we believe in tailoring coach trips and events to suit our members preferences, ensuring that every experience is personalized and memorable, just for you.

Our unique approach sets us apart, as we invite our Culture Calendar Members to vote on the trips they most want to take.

With sufficient demand, we organize luxury coach trips accompanied by knowledgeable and friendly hosts, which helps to ensure a seamless and enjoyable coach trip for Culture Calendar Members.

Experience the joy of travelling with a community of women that value friendship, fun, laughter, and a varied social and unforgettable Culture Calendar of Events.

Get in touch to join us today, or call us on 07725 745 493

Choose Culture Calendar for expertise
Culture Calendar Women's Social Group make booking a coach trip for one the easiest decision you will ever make.

The easiest decision you will ever make

Our vibrant and inclusive community of women thrive as Culture Calendar take immense pride in hosting regular “Local Get Togethers”.  These regular get togethers help to support you in building friendships from the start.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of standing alone at the pick up points, and look forward to warm greetings from fellow members to prestigious events and venues you might never otherwise encounter.

Experience the joy of belonging to a fun and sociable women’s group and embark on untold laugh out loud moments with a vibrant community of women who value camaraderie and shared experiences.

At Culture Calendar our expertise lies with the planner, and the planning of each coach trip and event, so with 30 years experience, you’re in safe hands!

Performing Arts & Culture Social Group
Our passion for Performing Arts is contagious, and we want you to be a part of it

A vibrant community of like minded women

Join Culture Calendar’s vibrant community of like-minded women as we embark on a journey to explore the captivating world of entertainment.

By organizing coach trips and events to magnificent venues, we not only support the talented creatives behind The Theatre Scene, but also help to preserve England’s rich history and heritage for generations to come.

Imagine being in the presence of multi-award winning actors, actresses, producers, and directors, witnessing their pure talent unfold before your eyes.

Each stage performance has the power to uplift your spirit and tug at your heartstrings, creatively nourishing your soul from the inside out. Whether it’s stage plays, National Theatre Live, Music Concerts, Comedy Nights, or engaging “An Audience with” events, we have something for everyone, not to mention fine dining experiences.

Our goal is simple: To make fantastic stage entertainment as accessible as possible, whilst building some of your most memorable experiences with a fun loving community of women.

Don’t just take our word for it.  One member said “Joining Culture Calendar has been life changing.  It has changed my life for the better”.  What an accolade.  This makes us at Culture Calendar very proud indeed.  Thank you!

Look forward to a fully planned social calendar
Who doesn't want a taste of the Lux Life?

Looking forward to a taste of the lux life

If there is one thing that we love at Culture Calendar … it’s having fantastic trips and events to look forward to.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small, it’s always looking forward and planning the next adventure with local like minded friends.

If there are two things that we love?  It’s hearing from our Members, and learning your likes and dislikes, so we can better please you in terms of coach trips and events..  And if there has to be a third thing?  Is likely to involve wining and dining.  Amongst the most sociable times and opportunities to build new lifelong friendships in your local community.

Culture Calendar Entertainment Packages vary greatly, but we’re always open to suggestions, so speak up.

From Fine Dining Experiences, Comedy, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Mystery Events, Cabaret, Candlelit Music Concerts, where will it end?

Our coaches are the height of safety, comfort and style, and Culture Calendar make a full day and night of almost every single coach trip.

Luxury Coach Pick Up Points are Southport, Ormskirk, Maghull and where we have sufficient demand, Skelmersdale too – but the list is growing!

If you are looking for a bespoke pick up point for 10 or more ladies, in the local area, feel free to get in touch, and we will see if we are able to help you.

Back to where it all began

Yes, second from left .. tha’ts me with dark hair!

Culture Calendar was born

Never did I imagine all these years later, from what started as something I did in my spare time, then known as “Social Butterflies”, would Culture Calendar be born!

But I can tell you, hand on heart.  I believe in Culture Calendar 100% and the value, and friendship it brings to so many local women.

So, in the toughest of covid times, before the holiday boom, and cost of living …. I just couldn’t stop myself turning up every day and working, to bring distractions, walks, beach, squirrel park, drive in cinema nights, history and heritage, and hope for the future when normality resumed!

You’ve got to stay positive, right?  I did!   I worked even when there was no work … to help brighten the days of others!

What was magical about this time was – almost one year later, I received the most amazing message to say that this person didn’t comment or like any post or live videos that I uploaded, but they had been going through personal trauma.

The message said how grateful they were that I was there for them, albeit virtually.  They also said that Culture Calendar posts gave them hope in the darkest of times.

Is it possible to have a heavy heart, and feel joy all at once?  This was how I felt reading her message.  Very grateful that I could help.

A Champagne Afternoon Tea with a difference

This was a “Who Dunnit” Murder Mystery Event about a Stowaway on board The Titanic!

Intrigue, Suspense, and Prosecco

It’s safe to say that The Titanic Murder Mystery Afternoon Tea was full of intrigue, suspense, and prosecco!

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves engrossed in debates, and interrogations with fellow Titanic passengers.

Engrossed in an exchange of clues and motives, and fishing out the red herring or two.

As the story unfolded, the secrets and deceit became apparent, and during the interval, it was now time to deep dive into interrogating the actors and actresses performing.

What is your relationship to the suspects?

What do you stand to gain from this tangled web of deception to name but a few.

There was suspense.  There were surprises, and unforgettable laugh out loud moments, that left us with a

memorable experience and adventure on board the ship Titanic (well sort of).   We loved it so much, we will be doing another!

A great event, and a fabulous Afternoon Tea had by all.  Join us for the next one!

Lost in Colomendy

We weren’t Lost in Colomendy at all ” ]

but boy, did we laugh

as we enjoyed this Saturday Matinee Performance at The Royal Court Liverpool Theatre.

I didn’t know before looking up the significance of Colomendy, that there was a camp built to house more than

350,000 child evacuees from Liverpool during world war two.   No doubt it would have been very hard to let

your children go, but if “Lost in Colomendy was anything to go by, then it would most definitely have been an adventure.

After the Saturday Matinee Performance, some of our group went for drinks to the Courtyard before heading

out for dinner, and we couldn’t help but grab the opportunity to have our photograph taken with Royal Court

Lost in Colomendy Actors, Liam Tobin (3rd from left) , and Paul Duckworth (right).  

Its saying something when you receive ..

You made my day

Flowers and a Thank You card even before our Culture Calendar Coach Trip.  But this is exactly what happened, when I received a message to go to my front door!

There on the step was beautiful tulips, and a Thank You card, thanking me for all that I do in organizing Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group, and wishing me well on our next coach trip!

I was smiling from inside out!

But here’s a great big “Thank you” back to all of the women who make Culture Calendar Social Group the roaring success that it is..  Thank you for seeing the value in everything I try to do to bring our communities together.  I look forward to welcoming you again soon

Mercedes Spritzer & Cher

We were heading to The Palace Theatre Manchester for what turned out to be an excellent Performance of “Cher the Show

“If I could turn back time”

A fascinating insight into the true life of singing phenomenon Cher, aka Cherilyn Sarkisian.  Fantastic artists, musicians, and upto three hours leisure in Manchester City Centre to spend as you please – what a roaring success this Culture Calendar Coach Trip was from start to end.

New menus!  New Venues.  Shop until you drop, or wine and dine at your leisure…

The performance was so good the whole of the stalls area were on their feet singing along, dancing, and clapping, as were we!  Electric atmosphere!

Afterwards, our friendly coach driver was waiting right outside to get us all home again.  This was just a 16 seat Mercedes Spritzer vehicle, as some of our trips are small, so don’t hesitate to book, or you will miss out!


The Brunch Club

This was a lovely surprise to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the ladies as a “Thank You” having enjoyed Culture Calendar Trips so much.

Thank you so much

It really did make my day.   There is such an incredible amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to bring a plan together, and to receive this lovely gesture made my day.  Thank you so much Ladies.

Quite possibly one of Culture Calendar most favourite trips

Quite possibly one of your favourite trips ..

The Vintage Steam Train Journey.  A treat from start to finish, with quite a few joining our trips already knowing one another before even boarding the coach.  So there is usually an air of excitement, which is lovely.

An opportunity to step back in time to a bygone era of Steam.

A chilled glass of prosecco is already waiting at your table, as you settle into your high back arm chair, ready for great food, great service, and the rolling countryside views whilst your every whim is catered for.

From bottles of champers, to a cool beer, the drinks menu is extensive.

We’re booked again, but numbers will be limited, so keep checking our events page, or subscribe to Culture Calendar Newsletter, for any remaining availability for non-members.

Andrea Bocelli Concert 2022?

Andrea Bocelli.  Memorable in more ways than one!

Just WOW!  Spine tingling.  At one point Andrea sang with no  accompaniment.  No orchestra … not even a microphone!  Such a powerhouse.  Andreas son Matteo also joined the “I Believe” Tour, another treat!

One of our ladies asked “Do you think Matteo Bocelli is single”? 🤣, but other than that – we were definitely there for this stunning classical music concert, and ofcourse the much accomplished Italian Tenor, “Andrea Bocelli” .

Before this evening performance we arrived in Liverpool almost four hours early so that we could enjoy a pre-music concert wine and dine.  Except on this occasion – it turned into more of a wine than dine!

Was it the wine that had one of our quietest ladies challenging the man seated in the row behind us who complained about my eating a packet of crisps before the 2nd half?

To be continued … Meanwhile … Watch out for the quiet ones 🤣

A night at the Theatre

And there have been so many – I couldn’t tell you which performance this was.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Just look at all those smiling faces.

What does puzzle me a little is … no one is holding a glass 🤣.  That doesn’t happen very often on a Culture Calendar Coach Trip!

Escape your every day routine.  Visit different towns and cities with ease.  Mix and mingle with new found friends.  Forget about the drive and leave it to someone else.

Rest assured on a Culture Calendar Coach Trip you have secured some of the best theatre tickets, or concert tickets.  Know that you are travelling in comfort, safety and style.

Whether you’re booking a Red Carpet Event, or indulging in a Race Day Package, there is something for everyone, from a live performance to in conversation with evenings.

As many of our ladies lead such busy lives, Culture Calendar brings an opportunity to make every day count, with a variety of trips to live events, performances, and your favourite award winning shows.

Yes, we like a drink or too, but you’re under no obligation to join in.  The choice is entirely yours! 

Musical Theatre, and all that Jazz

And all that Jazz

A day at the Winter Gardens Blackpool was calling for Chicago the Musical.

If ever there was a sizzling hot performance … It was Chicago the Musical, based on a true story from the 1920’s of real life accused murderesses: Beulah Annan, and Belva Gaertner who were on trial in Chicago.

Chicago the musical is the longest running Broadway musical of all time, and there is a good reason why!   It sizzles from the start.

Our day started by picking up in Southport, Ormskirk, Maghull and Skelmersdale, before we headed to Lytham St Annes for the day!   This gave our VIP guests upto 3 hours leisure to spend as they please, before rejoining their coach party to arrive at The Winter Gardens, Blackpool in plenty of time for the evening performance of Chicago!

Some of Culture Calendar Ladies opted to shop, whilst others opted to take in the fresh sea air of the Fylde Coast.   Others opted for a pre-theatre dinner option.

A memorable performance, and a great day/night had by all.

A pre-theatre wine and dine

A regular pre-theatre wine and dine

Food was exceptional.  Highly rated restaurant. Pre-booked.  Perfectly accessible to our venue for the evening … great company, and one of the funniest performances we have ever seen!

What more could you wish for on a Sunday Afternoon / Evening ?   Just love it when a plan comes together, and so do Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group.

And the real beauty about this Culture Calendar coach trip?  Many of our women’s coach party met through Culture Calendar Social Group, and many had booked this coach trip for one!

Now that’s what I call magic!

Is St Georges Hall haunted?

Photo-bombed again

Either that, or Culture Calendar were photo bombed again 😂

Culture Calendar do have some trips and events that are open to non-members, men, and children – but no one recognized this happy chappy beaming as he joined our selfie shot?

We had booked a comedy night to see Crissy Rock at St Georges Hall.  We were just coming out of lockdown.  Some of our group were understandably cautious, and The Concert Room was packed full.  Not a spare seat in sight!

We were back!  Doing what Culture Calendar Ladies love to do.  Ready for a social life to recommence.  Crissy was a tonic.  On form with some very topical and relatable content.

At the end, we were on our feet.  Laughing. Dancing. Clapping.  Fantastic atmosphere … back to loving and living life!

Come and join us 😉

Christmas at The Theatre
If there's one thing that's high on our radar

.. at Christmas Time … It’s got to be

Obligatory Christmas Panto

the Royal Court Theatre Liverpool (Adult)  Christmas Panto.

I can’t remember missing one to be honest!  It amazes me, how every year The Royal Court Theatre Family Liverpool, pull off an absolute belter of a musical, festive, & funny stage performance.

In this picture, you can see that we’re all smiles.   We have been to a Saturday matinee, and we’re off for dinner and drinks after the Liverpool Theatre Performance.

As soon as those seats are released, we’re booked!

Join Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group this Christmas for The Royal Court Theatre Liverpool Christmas Adult Panto.

Chinese New Year with friends, Ormskirk
Chinese New Year Girls Night Out

Hidden Talents exposed

Did we know that there was going to be a Karaoke for Chinese New Year?  Nope, we didn’t.

Did we know what a multi-talented Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group we had that night ?  So talented that they went on to Sing, Dance, Entertain, AND win the Karaoke competition at the end of the night!

Fantastic food and service as always at The Peacock Chinese Restaurant, Ormskirk.   Thank you for taking such good care of our party!   Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group had the best night!

Luxury transport? No problem

Luxury Travel

Leather seats.  A little drinks holder at the back too.   No navigating unfamiliar city traffic.  It doesn’t matter if the trains aren’t running.   No city parking to pay.  Winter weather ?  Makes absolutely no difference when there is a coach driver waiting right outside the Theatre to drop us at our pick up points on the way home.

Culture Calendar Pick Up Points are generally, Southport, Ormskirk, Maghull.  However, when booking a bespoke coach trip with Culture Calendar, we can tailor the pick up points to suit our client.  Get in touch today for more!

Bring me Sunshine (at The Winter Gardens Theatre Blackpool

Winter Gardens Blackpool

Just one trip to The Winter Gardens Blackpool, but each time you will be greeted by this bronze statue of the comedy duo Eric & Ernie, immortalized forever.

Famous for comedy chaos, celebrity guests, and their signature tune “Bring me sunshine”.

Simply put : That’s exactly what Culture Calendar aim to do every time you step aboard our coach trips to Theatre, Comedy, and Concerts.

For Entertainment Made Easy … become a Member, and change a limited social life to limitless, and we will try to bring the sunshine.

Happy 10th Anniversary Culture Calendar
Who'd have thought?

Happy 10th Anniversary

Who’d have thought, when I started Social Butterflies ladies group back in
2013 that it would lead to organizing coach trips to different towns and cities for great days and nights out ten years later?   Not me!

And it all started with a simple post on the internet ..

“Want more out of life?  Then put down the remote.  Dress to impress, and come and join like minded ladies in your area”.   And they did!

There have been too many memorable trips to count.

A cocktail of laugh out loud moments, and a fun loving social group of women each bringing their own blend of magic to Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group, and Social Butterflies before that!

It’s rewarding beyond words to be able to bring a local, vibrant, and fun loving community of women together for all things stage and performing arts in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Cheese & Wine Evening
Do you have a discerning palate?

Cheese and Wine Darling?

Welcome to Culture Calendar’s monthly Cheese & Wine Evenings, held monthly to elevate your social life to include sophistication and fun!

Savor an array of cheeses that have been perfectly paired with wines to tantalize your taste buds.

Build lifelong local friendships with women in a relaxed, social and welcoming environment.

Rewind and recharge and indulge in a night of well deserved relaxation and laughter with social, local, like minded women in West Lancashire, North Liverpool and surrounding area’s.  All welcome!

Join us for a Members Movie Night
What's a Culture Calendar Local Social??

What is a Culture Calendar Local Social?

Culture Calendars local socials are local get togethers that we organize over and above Culture Calendar Coach Trips to Performing Arts and Culture!

In this instance, we’re attending a local movie night!


Because it’s very important that Culture Calendar Women feel very comfortable and welcomed if they choose to book a coach trip for one.

We make every effort to ensure that our members feel reassured, and Culture Calendar local get togethers is a great way to build new lifelong local friendships, which vary each month!

Got a question?  Get in touch!  We’re happy to help!

Culture Calendar Ladies Book Club
Welcome to Culture Calendar Book Club

Book Worms Welcome

Yes, Culture Calendar Book Club is another local get together.  Another way we describe these local, usually mid week events are “Local Socials”.

A fantastic opportunity to bring local like minded women together to decide what they want to read, debate the book the following month over tea’s and coffee.  Culture Calendar Women’s Book Club is also a great opportunity to swop / exchange one good book for another.

To all our budding Book Worms out there, Culture Calendar Women’s Book Club is a fantastic opportunity to forge life long friendships with local women who share your passion in life!

Plus, Culture Calendar Book Club is a FREE event to Culture Calendar Members.  Held in Ormskirk, West Lancashire.

Music by Candlelight Coldplay
You Voted for it - we made it happen?

Members have the opportunity to vote on the trips they want to take!

Candlelit music concert appear to be in many celebrated and historic venues in every major city in the UK.  From String Quartet’s, to Piano concerto.  Candlelit Music Concerts from West End Musicals, Music from James Bond Movies, and so many more to choose from!

But we didn’t have to go very far for this mid week evening performance to see a Strings Quartet tribute to Coldplay.

The Concert Room at St Georges Hall was the perfect intimate setting for this music concert, and we had to agree it was magical.   Just take a look at the setting.  The stage was full of flowers, and tiny flickering T lights.

It’s worth noting that The Concert Room in St Georges Hall is not the perfect venue for anyone with mobility issues – because there is a spiral staircase to climb, but luckily this did not apply to any of our party on the night!

The tribute to Coldplay was pretty short in that it was just 1 1/4 hours, with a short interval, but this brought an opportunity for us to head to the bar in the foyer and catch up on future trips and events with Culture Calendar UK.

With convenient pick up points in Southport, Ormskirk, Maghull, Skelmersdale, and Burscough – what’s not to like!

Feel free to join Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group for the next Candlelit Music Concert. 

Culture Calendar are invited to Knowsley Hall
Grade II Listed, History & Heritage

Culture Calendar are invited to Knowsley Hall

Can you believe that Culture Calendar was lucky enough to be invited to Knowsley Hall, near Liverpool recently.

An opportunity for a private tour of the estate and outstanding facilities in this Grade II listed building.  To say that the grounds and gardens are manicured would be an understatement.

Knowsley Hall offers a range of events that suit Culture Calendar Ladies Social Group perfectly.

Whether that is a night out Shakespeare or a Ladies that Lunch event, it has our name all over it for Entertainment Made Easy.

For an air of sophistication, fine dining in the most opulent surroundings, and grandeur, Culture Calendar Ladies need only to take a vote on it, and as if my magic, your transport awaits!

Why not build lifelong relationships now, with likeminded women who value a safe, social and welcoming environment.

Take the opportunity to relax and unwind.  Recharge your batteries with local like minded ladies of West Lancashire, and Merseyside.

There is truly something for everyone at Culture Calendar UK.

You can't beat quality time with friends
You can't put a price on friendship

Friendship, who doesn’t need friendship?

A good friend is there for the good times and the bad.  Good friends are your biggest cheer leaders and there to help you celebrate your wins, and pick you up when you’re losing!

Building friendships can create a positive impact in our lives, and are perfect for celebrating shared experiences such as a memorable days or nights out to entertainment.

Friends are the perfect sounding board if you’re deliberating about making an important decision.

A good friend will steer you in the right direction, and often know exactly how you’re thinking or feeling without you having to say a word.

It’s only a good friend that can tell you when you’re being hard work, or you’re out of order 🙈.

Culture Calendar is full of supportive women, with a shared passion in all things stage, entertainment, performing arts and culture.

Many of your group are trustworthy, supportive, respectful and non-judgmental, and a warm welcome is offered to all.

Find out for yourself, and join Culture Calendar Women’s Social Group.  You will wonder what took you so long to join the shared joy and laughter!

Get involved in Culture Calendar local events, and get to know as many women as you can.  You will be surprised to find out how many you already have a connection with!

This is something that happened with one of our new members recently.  Caroline wrote:  “What a great day. Nothing to worry about except to have a great time.  As a “newbie”, the ladies could not have been more warm or welcoming.  All those nerves were for nothing and I am looking forward to the next adventure”.

We’re ready when you are 😉

Culture Calendar Host accompanies every trip
A Culture Calendar Host Accompanies every trip

What is the importance of a Culture Calendar Host accompanying every trip or event?

Your Culture Calendar Host has all the details of your trip or event.

Your host will introduce you to other members in the group that perhaps you have not met previously.  We have all of the details of your trip to hand.

Pick up points.  Performance start times.  Entry times into the venues.  Importantly tickets, which sometimes may come in the form of a QR Code.

If for any reason your Theatre Ticket, Concert Ticket or any other form of entry doesn’t scan correctly, your host is on hand to resolve the issue quickly with the venue.

We can solve such issues quickly and easily, as your host has the confirmation booking stored on their mobile phone.

It’s worth noting that your Culture Calendar Coach trip is timed perfectly to co-incide with start and end times of events.

We will always aim to pick you up on time at your designated coach pick up point, and aim to ensure that our transport is waiting outside the venue when our evening is drawing to a close.

Culture Calendar offers women one of the safest, most convenient and comfortable ways to explore performing arts and culture in different towns and cities with new friends from local communities of West Lancashire.

So, for what’s on Southport or Ormskirk, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Depending on the coach trip, we also pick up in Skelmersdale and Burscough.

When you become a Culture Calendar Member and book a trip, be sure to select your coach pick up and drop off point at checkout.

Contact us with any queries you may have before, or speak with your Culture Calendar Host on the day!   We will do our best to help.

PS … It might look as though we’re having the night off 🥂🍾🤣, but actually so much work is in the preparation of each coach trip, so by the time your Culture Calendar Coach Trip comes about … your host is more than ready to help celebrate your celebration with you!

Step into a world of excitement and adventure with our vibrant and fun loving community of women, who thrive on a fun filled social life, with luxury coach trips to Theatre, Musicals, Music by Candlelight, Ballet, and the obligatory wine and dine evenings.

Join us for unforgettable first-class theatre trips and some of the best entertainment packages, and witness the magic of The Lion King, The Musical.  Six The Musical, Moulin Rouge,  and Tina the Musical … the choice is yours!

Indulge in festive cheer with the obligatory Royal Court Liverpool Christmas Panto Nights, and experience the thrill of National Theatre Live Productions.

Become part of the picture today … and start creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Click your favourite social media channel below to follow #culturecalendaruk today!